T-pang Rescue

T-pang Rescue 2014

3.5 1

The best rescue team in town, T-Pang Rescue has great members: Titi, the great leader; Pangpang, the incredible transformer; Toktok, the brain of the team; and Sheepon, the only girl, but the bravest of all! One day a big spaceship lands in town and turns into a fascinating amusement park. While everybody is attracted by exciting rides, a father bear asks T-Pang to find his baby lost in the park. Strangely enough, the guards in the park don’t let them search for the baby. With lots of doubt, T-Pang moves to save the baby.

  • Released: 2014-08-07
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Family
  • Stars: Yang Jeong-hwa, Hong Beom-gi, Shin Yong-woo, An Young-mi, Lee Yong-shin
  • Director: Bang Hyeong-woo