The Discloser

The Discloser 2017

6.6 5

Captain Gang has died in a test flight accident. Dae-ik discovers a huge corruption scandal while trying to determine the cause of death. He reports it to journalist Jung-sook, but things changed in unexpected ways.

  • Released: 2017-07-20
  • Runtime: 100 minutes
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Stars: Choi Gwi-hwa, Ji Dae-han, Lim Seung-dae, Kim Joong-ki, Kim Ok-vin, Kim Byung-chul, Choi Moo-sung, Kwon Han-sol, Kim Sang-kyung, Lee Ji-won, Jung Il-woo, Kim Joo-ryoung, Seo Hyun-woo, Shin Seung-hwan, Yoo Sun, Hong Seok-bin
  • Director: Hong Ki-seon