Countryside Accountant's Government Reform

Countryside Accountant's Government Reform 1987

Genichiro Okugawa is appointed as the head of accounting in a feudal domain and travels with his servant Gonsuke to the country from Edo. Along the way, they are attacked by masked samurai on a mountain road. Genichiro is saved by Sukezaemon Tsuda, the supervisor of public works who was out hunting. Upon arriving in the domain, Genichiro is given a warm welcome by the vassals, who force him to drink heavily and find his subordinates to be rebellious. His proposed fiscal reforms are met with resistance, except by Tsuda who understands Genichiro's intentions. Genichiro marries Matsuo, the daughter of a senior councilor, but soon faces accusations of corruption.

  • Released: 1987-04-23
  • Runtime: 45 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, History
  • Stars: Masatoshi Nakamura, Masao Imafuku, Shin Saburi, Mariko Fuji, Shinsuke Ashida, Toshitaka Itō, Jun Ohba
  • Director: Sadao Nakajima