(Saeed Saleh) in the play (Kaablon) looking for an answer to a question that the princess asked him as a condition if he wanted her to accept marriage with him, the question was: Where is the human mind? (Saeed Saleh) traveled a lot, and he suffered from alienation, and almost died several times before he knew the answer. The answer to the question for which he went out.

  • Released: 1985-12-04
  • Runtime: 180 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Music
  • Stars: Saeed Saleh, Mohamed Wafik, Sahar Ramy, Said Tarabeek, Ahmed Akl, Noheir Amin, Thuraya Ibrahim, Ali Al Sharif, إبراهيم عبدالرازق, Imthethal Zaki, Abdel Hafeez ElTatawy, Mostafa Abu AlAzaim, Ahdy Sadek, Mostafa Al Qast
  • Director: Hasan Abduselam, Abdallah El Sheikh