In the ruthless realm of the Fisheries mafia, two childhood friends, Uday and Salman, form a strong and enduring alliance. Their journey is marked by navigating a perilous path under the guidance of ex-MLA Arjan Parmar. As Uday and Salman establish their own empire, their primary target becomes Imtiaz Memon, the president of fisheries association. This choice is driven by a personal vendetta, as Imtiaz Memon is linked to the tragic demise of Uday's sister. However, as they delve deeper into the complexities of power, politics, and revenge, their once-unbreakable bond begins to crumble. Political intrigue, betrayal, and conspiracy surround them, leading to a transformation from inseparable allies to bitter foes. The story unfolds against a backdrop of unforgiving twists of fate, illustrating the harsh realities of their chosen path in the cutthroat world of the Fisheries mafia.

  • Released: 2024-05-17
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Stars: Mayur Chauhan, Jagjeetsinh Vadher, Dharmendra Gohil, Deeksha Joshi, Reeva Racch, Chetan Dhanani
  • Director: Vishal Vada Vala