Moral Peanuts
9.067 15

Scammers on the street are organized and disciplined. They are scattered across the fringes of the city. Five years ago, Zhao Ning's father committed suicide after he was defrauded of all his property. In order to avenge her father, Zhao Ning gathers elites from all walks of life to strike back. They are comprised of scammers, noble thieves and criminals. They do not have a strict moral code, but they adhere to professional ethics and they are motivated not just by money. They are artists with high IQ, meticulously planning every step to lure the corrupt and the greedy into their nets. This is a mirror that reflects another aspect of society. Some things may not be visible to us, but we've all heard of it. This is a story in the present and the legend of the future.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre: Mystery, Crime
  • Stars: Dongdong Xing, An Ning, 邵庄
  • Director: Hongchou Li