The Muleteer

The Muleteer 2024

1930, in the highlands of Jalisco. Emilia, a teenager, silently lives her sexual awakening with her adopted brothers, Caro and Martín. In search of her freedom, she flees into the bush where she poses as a young muleteer to survive among the living and the dying, among guards and deserters, unaware that Martín is stalking her. Emilia's path will lead her back to the ranch to defy her destiny and escape with Caro.

  • Released: 2024-06-14
  • Runtime: 103 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, History, Western
  • Stars: Luis Vegas, Sasha González, Ale Cosío, Mayra Batalla, Guadalupe Gutiérrez Batista, Damayanti Quintanar, Christian Ramos, Waldo Facco, Andrea Aldana
  • Director: Isabel Cristina Fregoso