12 Mart: Colonel

12 Mart: Colonel 1994

In the words of those days, "The first parliament of the Second Republic opened in its new building at 15:00 on a Wednesday. At that moment, the National Unity Committee, which had been ruling the country since 27 May, vanished into history. Now there was an Assembly and a Senate. The old Members of the Committee of National Unity had been "senators of course" for life. The country was finally getting its parliament again after a year and a half hiatus. After many painful days and nights, the biggest share in this success belonged to İsmet İnönü...

  • Released: 1994-03-10
  • Runtime: 41 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary, History
  • Stars: Metin Toker, Bülent Ecevit, Baha Aksit, Suphi Karaman, Mehmet Ali Birand
  • Director: Can Dündar, Bülent Çaplı