Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective 2009

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"I will try to be normal" 12-year-old Ace Ventura Jr. promises. Thats cool, except whats normal for him is finding missing mutts, kidnapped kitties or gone gators and creating hilarious chaos every step of the way.

  • Released: 2009-03-24
  • Runtime: 93 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Family, Adventure, Crime
  • Stars: Josh Flitter, Emma Lockhart, Art LaFleur, Reed Alexander, William Haze, Cullen Douglas, Ann Cusack, Ralph Waite, Jessica Blackmore, Connor Boyle, Carina Conti, Aubrey Peeples, Lisa Glaze, Tom Hillmann, Trevin Lica, Jeff Chase, Veryl Jones, Jim R. Coleman, Jeff Farley, Terry Loughlin  Show all >
    Haley Sehgal, Brian Patrick Clarke, Shane Costa, Karl Anthony, Jennifer Badger, Sam Bauso, Jessica Blackmore, Austin Rogers, John Connon
  • Director: David Mickey Evans