A Gamblers' Way

A Gamblers' Way 1914

Jim Kane, a gambler, prevails upon Grace Carew to marry him. Grace is undecided whom she loves the best, John Hunter, a ranchman, or Kane, but finally decides to marry Kane. Some time later, we see Kane abusing his wife, neglecting her and always in a state of intoxication. Hunter has always been a friend of the family and it was nothing unusual to see him in their home, but Kane, entering the house one evening under the influence of liquor, misinterprets the meaning of Hunter's presence there, and upbraids his wife, slapping her in the face. Hunter is furious, but controls himself.

  • Released: 1914-02-05
  • Runtime: 11 minutes
  • Genre: Western
  • Stars: Harry Todd, True Boardman, Josephine Rector, Carl Stockdale, Victor Potel, Evelyn Selbie, Emory Johnson
  • Director: Lloyd Ingraham