The Great Monk Seo San

The Great Monk Seo San 1972

In 1581, the monk Seo-san predicts that the Japanese are planning an invasion of Korea. He goes to the king, suggesting that the kingdom build a stronger army, but he is thrown out of court. He begins training three pupils in martial arts, but rumors reach the king that Seo-san is training an army. The king sends his soldiers to have the monk arrested

  • Released: 1972-12-22
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Action, War, Drama, History
  • Stars: Kim Jin-kyu, Park Am, Yoon Yang-ha, Jo Deok-seong, Choi Sam, Lee Ye-Seong, Bang Su-Il, Sun-bok Kim, Choi Seong-ho
  • Director: Jeon Jo-Myeong