The Suspect

The Suspect 1957

A broke gambler plans with the manager of a gambling hall to steal money from the safe of a pharmaceutical company that another gambler works for. The gambler betrays his partner , and kills him and mutilates his face. After the doctor leaves his room, everyone thinks that he killed the gambler because of the hatred that existed between them.

  • Released: 1957-04-01
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Crime
  • Stars: Mahmoud El Meligy, Sherifa Maher, Mahmoud Ismail, Olwiya Gamil, Mohamed Abdel Moteleb, Reyaad ElQasabgy, Zaki Ibrahim, Abdel Raheem AlZarakany, Abdelalim Khattab, Zeinat Elwy, Hassan El Baroudy, Ibrahim Heshmat, Ibrahim El Shamy, Husain Reyadh
  • Director: Kamal Attia