008 - Agent wider Willen

008 - Agent wider Willen 2000

The shy detective Serafim Schröder is still relatively new to the police force. That's why he doesn't yet know all of his employer's rules and regulations and "borrows" a confiscated BMW to impress the attractive student Maria. She is very impressed, not only by the fancy car, but also by the fact that Serafim is a real cop. When Serafim accidentally gets on the trail of a crime and Maria sees him at work, his reputation with her increases considerably...

  • Released: 2000-12-28
  • Runtime: 93 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
  • Stars: Stefanie Stappenbeck, Udo Schenk, Klaus Schindler, Marco Hofschneider, Ulrike Kriener, Falk-Willy Wild, Oliver Stern, Lutz Stückrath, Mathias Riedel
  • Director: