36 Hours
6.045 11

When his wife stops writing to him and his letters are returned unanswered, Dan becomes extremely concerned about her welfare. He returns home but is only able to meet with her briefly before she is found murdered. Dan is the obvious suspect but has only 36 hours to find out who murdered her. In so doing he uncovers a shocking catalogue of his wife's past affairs and an identity that he knew nothing about.

  • Released: 1953-12-04
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller
  • Stars: Dan Duryea, Gudrun Ure, John Chandos, Marianne Stone, Michael Golden, Gabrielle Blunt, Robert Henderson, Joe Phelps, Stephen Vercoe, Elsie Albiin, Eric Pohlmann, Kenneth Griffith, Harold Lang, Jane Carr, Kenneth Brown, Fred Davis, Russell Napier, Lee Patterson, Cleo Rose
  • Director: Montgomery Tully