Lips S13E13 - Lips 2005

The Inter High competition arrives, and is being hosted at Hiroshima, Yamato's hometown. Suzuka is there to compete, while Yamato is only a cheerleader. Yamato is depressed by his failures with Suzuka and the track team. Yasunobu encourages Honoka to confess to Yamato, or else Suzuka will steal Yamato. Honoka comforts Yamato after practice. However, Miki has told Suzuka to do the same thing, so while Honoka is with Yamato, Suzuka shows up. Honoka panics and kisses Yamato, then walks away embarrassed. The next day, Suzuka gets third place in the tournament and lots of attention, which depresses Yamato even more. Honoka finds Yamato sulking alone and tries to kiss him again. He stops her, but when she starts crying about not being a couple, Yamato kisses her. Miki sees them.

  • Released: 2005-09-29
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Daisuke Nakamura, Seika Hosokawa, Yumiko Hosono, Takanori Ooyama, Yuki Kaida, Masami Suzuki
  • Director: